Attention Real Estate Service Providers, Trainers & Coaches

There's nothing more frustrating than real estate agents ignoring your efforts

Or even worse, watching real estate agents buy the next shiny object when you can deliver what they already need

You end up feeling disappointed because you're trying to figure it out and nothing you do seems to get you noticed so that more real estate agents hire you.

Before today maybe you relied on advertising, social media, or word-of-mouth...

...the problem with these methods is they don't help you differentiate from competitors and raise your status as an expert.

Do you struggle with competition?13977970_m

Because real estate agents have a plethora of choices when selecting a service provider

It could be for the development of their website, mobile site, email marketing, SEO....just about any digital service imaginable.

Then you have service providers like loan officers, title & escrow companies and real estate attorneys.

In other words, everyone is tugging at their purse strings so how do real estate agents decide who to hire?

It's actually quite simple.

They're decision is based on their perception of your expertise and what their peers say.

If you're not perceived as an expert then your chances of building your empire are slim.

How to Raise Your Expert Status

Today, I'm excited to share with you how to attract new clients more easily or sell more services to your existing clients


me2Hi, I'm Jeffrey Nelson, and since 1999 I've been teaching professionals how to market to real estate agents. 

My expertise includes training over 25,000 real estate agents across the USA and Canada in sales & marketing so I've learned a thing or two on what it takes to earn their business.

My newest product is a monthly digital real estate marketing magazine that you brand as your own. It's designed to help you improve your status so you stand out like an expert. When real estate agents see you as an expert you can tap into their powerful grapevine and attract more clients.

The Secret to Marketing to Real Estate Agents

Marketing isn't hard, if you know a simple truth

If you want more real estate agents knocking on your door wanting to hire you then stop selling your service. The secret is to help them solve difficult problems in their business that limit their income and that they cannot fix alone.

You see, every service provider is pulling at their purse strings trying to sell something and so you get ignored. The best thing you can do for your service is to stop trying to sell it and instead share information with real estate agents that address their biggest problems.

If you take this approach you'll make a lot more friends quicker, don't you agree? You build trust, but more importantly, you shape their perception of being an expert so you stand above the crowded field.

What are Their Biggest Problems?

magazineThe #1 reason why most real estate agents fail is because they stink at marketing

They joined real estate because someone said they should sell homes or they thought selling homes would be fun and lucrative. Most real estate agents have no idea how marketing works and how to conquer it and it's why they really like the monthly digital real estate marketing magazine that you brand as your own.

But, I'm Not a Marketing Expert?!#

If the service you sell to real estate agents has nothing to do with marketing, don't worry

The idea behind you sharing the digital real estate marketing magazine is to shape their perception of you being different from all the other service providers.

The best problem you could have is that real estate agents always call you first when they need help solving a problem, wouldn't you agree? This is how you grow your business and diversify your offerings.

I'm confident that if you brand this magazine as your own and promote it you'll gain new clients and sell more services to your existing clients, but listen to how it's working for one of my clients...

The Magazine You Brand As Your Own

Get more real estate agents to Know, Like and
Trust you and Close More Sales

  • 5 Articles per Issue that Real Estates Agents will Love and Share so Your Reputation Goes Viral
  • Easy to Brand with Your Logo & Company Info so You Build Familiarity & Trust
  • Add Your Flyers as Full Page Ads to Make Your Phone Ring
  • Written by USA Real Estate Marketing Experts

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Your decision to subscribe today is 100% risk free for the first 30 days. Go ahead and kick the tires and give it a test drive. If you're not 100% satisfied just send me an email for a full refund with no questions asked.

It doesn't matter if you're a freelancer working with a few real estate agents or an agency working with hundreds, I've made the monthly subscription affordable for anyone

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